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Medical- Oct. is Breast Cancer Awarness month.

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

One in eight US women will be diagnosed with breast cancer sometime during their lifetime. There will be about 186,000 diagnoses this year. Breast cancer is the sixth leading cause of dealth for US women with about 41,000 dying this year. Early detection will give the best outcome. To put it in some prospective: Heart attacks killed 330,000 women this year. Strokes take another 91,000. Lung Cancer is responsible for 68,000. Then comes Repiratory infections with 63,000 and Alzimers with 47,000. As I said to the gentlemen last month, If you want to extend your life, treat any cholesteral problems you have, watch your blood pressure, and quit smoking. Doing a monthly self exam and having a yearly manogram will also help.