Thanksgiving and Installation Rally

October 21 – 23 -Amboy


 Lee County 4-H Fairgrounds – 15 memberships attended.  Weather and food were great.  A perfect fall weekend.  At the Sat. morning membership meeting, the members voted to rename our club ” Northern Illinois Airstream Club”.  To make it official, the International’s IBT must approve it at their Jan. 2017 meeting.

Warren Dutton brought his new big Chevy 250HD 4WD diesel truck, after just baptizing it on the WBCCI Revolutionary War  Caravan.  All the men had to admire it in the parking lot.

The big feast was at 6:30 PM.  Afterwards, a Smartphone (with unlimited data), married to Club’s video projector through a laptop, allowed us to watch our Chicago Cubs clinch the National Baseball Championship.  After all these years of waiting, it was great

View Peter’s pictures of the rally on Northern Illinois Facebook: click here

Membership – Ten 2015 couples did not renew their memberships for 2016.  Twelve new couples joined for 2016.  As of 6/1/16, we had 55 memberships

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