2017 Membership Dues

October 18th, 2016

Dues need to be paid by November 15th to have your name appear in the International directory.
Dues are $10 for our local and $65 for the International. There are two ways to pay:

ONLINE –  Use this link to pay by Paypal (no convenience fee, pay by Paypal or as a Paypal guest with a credit card.)  Link: click here 
You can also download the form from  WBCCI.ORG and send it and the check to Jackson Center.

BY MAIL – Make $75 the check out to: Northern Illinois Unit of WBCCI and mail to our treasurer:

Mary Beth Comer
1219 Devonshire Dr. N
Sycamore, IL 60463

October 21 – 23 – Installation and Thanksgiving Rally-Amboy

October 2nd, 2016

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These pictures are clickable for closer viewing.
Lee County 4-H Fairgrounds
 – 15 memberships attended.  Weather and food were great.  A perfect fall weekend.  At the Sat. morning membership meeting, the members voted to rename our club ” Northern Illinois Airstream Club”.  To make it official, the International’s IBT must approve it at their Jan. 2017 meeting. After the membership meeting, Bob Whitesell (Region 5 1st vice president, and NIU member) installed our new officers. Thanks to the outgoing and incoming officers for their volunteered service.

Warren Dutton brought his new big Chevy 250HD 4WD diesel truck, after just baptizing it on the WBCCI Revolutionary War  Caravan.  All the men had to admire it in the parking lot.

The big feast was at 6:30 PM.  Afterwards, a Smartphone (with unlimited data), married to Club’s video projector through a laptop, allowed us to watch our Chicago Cubs clinch the National Baseball Championship.  After all these years of waiting, it was great

View Peter’s pictures of the rally on Northern Illinois Facebook: click here

Membership – Ten 2015 couples did not renew their memberships for 2016.  During 2016, eleven new couples joined or transferred their WBCCI memberships to NIU.  As of 6/1/16, we had 55 memberships

October Newsletter link:  Click here

Weight Distribution Demo Video- Link:  Click here

Airstream Travel Dreams on National Geographic:  Click here


Region 5 Rally at Madison, IN – Sept. 14th -18th

August 16th, 2016

Nine NIU couples  attended the rally.  Total attendance was about 40 trailer/motorhomes.  See Peter Schwarz’s pictures on NIU Facebook page: Click here   Arnie (Region 5 President) conducted a fun rally with lots of activities.  Link to the Region 5 website.  Click here

The NIU executive board met at the rally and proposed to change our club’s name to  “Airstream Club of Northern Illinois”.  This change would have to be approved by International, Airstream, as well a a majority vote of our members and new flags ordered.

Peter and Judy continued on to the Sugar Creek rally in Ohio.

Zion, IL Beach Rally -Aug. 11-14th

July 22nd, 2016
 Only two NIU couples attended.  Adeline Jay Geo- Karis Illinois Beach State Park (AKA: Illinois Beach ST Park)  is fairly large and has some nice sand beaches. They ate at the Lodge two evenings.  Weather was warm Thursday and Friday, but the light rain Friday evening and the moderating on-shore lake breezes, Saturday and Sunday, made for a pleasant outing.  Participation in this rally was light, due to competing family events and obligations.

July 14 to 17th—Lake- Le-Aqua-Na State Park

May 22nd, 2016


Eleven couples attended the rally.  Weather, food, and conversations were good.  At our tour of Lena Brewery, we learned a little about brewing.  Later, we ate at the Rafters Restaurant.  The club grill was put to good use for Saturday breakfast and Friday evening grilling.  Find  photos taken by Peter Schwarz on the NIU FaceBook page: Click here

Lewisburg, WV International June 23- July 4th

May 22nd, 2016


Five NIU couples attended.  670 rigs attended the rally on the WV State Fairgrounds.  The area is picturesque rolling Appalachian hill and valley country.  Despite the local torrential rain and flash flooding, the International proceeded almost normally.   Many members toured the area and attractions which remained open. However, some tours had to be canceled, due to the flooding.  The club and attendees contributed $40,000 for local flood relief.

Gardners and Dixons were parked on a crushed stone parking area, which was only minorly affected by the 10 inches of rain in 4 hours.  (We are in the middle of this picture.)  Campsites on grass became soft.  We lost power and water for 24 hours and had a boil water order in effect for 3 days.

The IBT approved a new club logo design adding the words “Rallies” and “Airstream”, reflecting the dual nature of the club (touring and Social) and the exclusive relationship with Airstream products, and dropped the word “International”. The first European Chapter was celebrated.

NIU attendees: Carligs, Dixons, Gardners, Schwarzs, and Stuarts  (Norma performed a featured Oboe solo with the WBCCI Band.)

Link to the Lewisburg Rally website:  Click here

Lots of pictures and write ups on the WBCCI Lewisburg Facebook page  Click here

Lewisburg pictures on the NIU Facebook page  Click here

June 16 – 19th – Rock Cut Buddy Rally

March 22nd, 2016

Rock Cut State Park, ten NIU couples attended, as well as one couple from the Wisconsin unit.  One “buddy” brought his large motorhome. Several other NIU members and families stopped by for visits. The weather and the food were excellant.  More details in NIU June newsletter.  Click here


May 12 – 14th – Tulip Festival -Holland, MI

March 18th, 2016

michigan tulip festival1

Four NIU couples attended.   Good weather, good friends, and fun.
Link to the Region 5 May newsletter  Click Here

Amboy Rally- April 15-17th

March 18th, 2016

April 2016Two motorhomes and eight trailers attended the rally. We had nice weather atop Schwarz’s Skydeck.  The Whitesells hosted a great rally. Thanks!  Mary Beth and her husband brought their brand new 2016 Classic. The Executive Board decided to prorate the unit dues quarterly. See more pictures on the NIU facebook. click here

Change in New member International dues

March 2nd, 2016

The WBCCI IBT voted 7/5/15 to prorate International dues for the first year of new membership.  Anyone signing up after 4/1/16, dues- $48 for the remainder of the year.  After 7/1, the dues are: $97, but will include next year’s dues. After 10/1, dues $81 and include next year’s dues.  The usual MAL $20 charge or unit dues remain.  Current member International dues remain $65.  The IBT guessed that the proration would bring in an additional $17,00o to the International and reduce the number of new members who might not renew after a 6 months trial.